Pi Beta Phi
At University of San Diego

"I wen't through recruitment my junior year as a new transfer student to USD. I have a lot of gratitude toward every individual in my life who encouraged me to go through recruitment as joining Pi Phi allowed me to become sisters with the greatest, most wholesome group of girls. Pi Phi also introduced me to two of my closest friends at USD, Leen and Lexi. As new members to the organization, we became fast friends. I have such an appreciation toward Pi Phi for introducing me to these fun, kind, and warmhearted girls who happen to love tacos as much as I do. They are the greatest supporters, the best dinner dates, and have always been there to pick me up when I'm down with the best laughter, advice, and words of encouragement. I am so thankful to Pi Phi and I know it will always hold a significant place in my heart for the amazing experience it has provided me."

--Gabriella Schram