The love that I feel when I am with Pi Phi is unreal. Pi Phi is a sisterhood that accepts women for who they are, whether that be on their best day, their worst day, or any day in between. Pi Phi allows me, and every woman in this chapter, to be their most authentic self, and this allows us to grow in our sisterhood, but it also pushes up to grow in who we are as students and humans. Pi Phi has made my college experience so special, not because of the social events or the recruitment songs, but because of the each of our members. They all bring so much love, kindness, and joy to my life and to the chapter, and that’s why Pi Phi means the absolute world to me!


    Chapter President: Zia Yurchuck 

    Vice President Operations: Megan Braband

    Vice President Risk Management: Mia Bellafronto

    Vice President Member Experience: Morgan Kern 

    Vice President Finance: Alex Shank

    Vice President Community Relations: Cayden Duffy

    Vice President Recruitment: Adriana Azarloza

    Director of Leadership: Nicole Petron

    Director of Social Events: Gianna Longo

    Director of Policy & Prevention Education: Malia Bott

    Director of New Member Experience: Riley Morales & Lauren Hannaway

    Director of Lifelong Membership: Adriana Cutri

    Director of Academics: Kate Morris

    Director of Fraternity Heritage: Kate O'Connor

    Director of Member Finances: Annie Boggust

    Director of Housing: Shara Famili

    Director of Philanthropy & Service: Kayla Constantino

    Director of PR/Marketing: Sofia Paglia

    Director of Diversity & Inclusion: Isabella Garcia

    Director of Recruitment Events: Bri Denbo

    Director of Membership Selection: Margaret Doyle